Grant Ray is a biracial soul, pop and jazz vocalist and songwriter from Miami, Florida with an instantly recognizable signature sound. With over 10 years experience singing professionally, both in various bands and solo, he has garnered a respectable resume. From casinos to weddings, clubs, cafes, restaurants and more, Grant Ray has has performed all over Florida as well as New York and has been a top tier force in local and national competitions such as Ultimate Miami voice 2015, where he was a finalist. Born in 1989 as a biracial child of an Irish American mother and a black American father who he never got to know, life did not begin kind for the young talent. Severely abused,neglected,often forgotten and made to feel like nothing, Grant discovered music as an escape from his hellish childhood and found his voice at the age of 9. Unfortunately he also found himself victim of childhood obesity, as the low income family could not afford good food. Relying on music to save him, Grant knew he wanted to become a singer when he grew up and was determined to make it happen no matter what.His weight at a high of 350 pounds by age 13, kept him back socially and forced him to hide his secret talent from the world till the age of 15 when he decided to make the lifesaving change that would transform him into the person he was meant to be. In 5 months Grant lost an astounding 100 pounds and soon lost 50 more through brutal hard work and undying willpower and was no longer the shy, affraid child scared to let his voice be heard. As a now professional singer songwriter pursuing his original music, Grant became a regular in local gigs, performing a wide range of cover material, from soul to rock to jazz to classic pop to top 40.He quickly learned to cater to every audience and always had an advantage over other artist's because of this. Grant has gained praise from locals and fans worldwide and is a respected artist despite his young age. He went on to release his autobiography, "A CONSTRUCTION OF HOPE" in 2018 and opened his own online boutique "LEONWORLD" the same year. He released his second studio album "THE LION'S DEN" in 2019  his second studio album "2.0", featuring the singles "CHAMPION" and "PEACH" in 2020 and his latest studio album "GTRUE" in 2021 as well as his latest studio album "GEMINI SEASON" in December of 2022. He has shown the true meaning of never giving up. And one thing is for sure, Grant Ray is a man on a mission!



  • Jul 31 Sat

    12:00 PM

    Fun Dimension

    2129 nw 1st CT. Miami, Fl  33127

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    2037  Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Florida

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    2037 Hollywood Blvd  Hollywood, Florida

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    2037 Hollywood Blvd, Fl

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